Z3X Sam Pro Update Instant , Sigma Pack2 Activation Code Instant - Contact Us for VIP Price/Bulk Orders/Reseller. :::No Refund::: If any Wrong Carrier or Wrong IMEI Submitted. Orders cancellation not possible if the order status 'In Process' Or 'Success'. Contact us at: info.kbgsm@gmail.com or Skype: kbgsmlab

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Terms & Conditions - Refund Policy of MyUnlockStore **Read before post** Update: 21-07-2015
Refund Policy of MyUnlockStore

[1] Invoice and PayPal Transaction id older then 30 days not eligible for refund,

[2] for ask Refund Write Invoice Number with Valid Reason of Refund, we will Review your Request and if found eligible we will made refund as soon as possible in your PayPal account,

[3] if you use iCloud Remove Service and fail, do not ask refund we sticky wont made any refund as we have clearly mention on iCloud Remove Services has low success rate, so think twice before add funds for iCloud Remove Service,

[4] user account should have enough balance according to the invoice (which one you wanna refund in your PayPal account) we wont made any partial refund, only possible refund according to the invoice amount,

[5] if anybody made Dispute/Charge-back we consider as cheater and quickly block user account and all posts/thread will be delete and user account suspended until dispute/charge-back result,

[6] Multiple Thread/Post for a Queries/Refund Request will be consider as spam and all posts/thread will be deleted without any notifications,

[7] Please always post Refund Request under this thread or write us at info.kbgsm@gmail.com All Threads/Posts out side f
from this thread will be delete without any notifications,
[8] Paid Via Bank is Not Refundable You Can Use It With AnyService Via Web OR You Can Buy Other Tools Etc With Us. Strictly Follow The Rules Before Send Think Twice.
[9] We Have Minimum Limit To Add Money In Our Web 50$ is minimum limit to Send us In Bank & 100$ is minimum limit to send Via Paypal . So Dont Ask Or Argue With Us About it .

Note: after made full refund we will permanently close user account at Aunlock due to no need any future troubles from like that customers, Thanks

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